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Due to the current scale magnification in the Agriculture, with a resulting increase of ever larger and heavier tractors, machines and equipments, are themes such as soil compaction and soil structure damage more and more a important issue for farmers, custom farm operators and manufacturers.

Especially in softer soils, cause these "heavyweights" extra soil compaction, rutting, soil structure damage and grassland damage,
with a serious yield reduction !

Gebr. van de Molen, in Nieuweschoot (Friesland) in the Netherlands, started to think about this problem many years ago, with the question...
"How can we as mechanization company solve these problems ?"

After many months of research on soil compaction, rutting, soil structure damage and grassland damage,
the solution were found by multi tandem wheels !

The solution was "sharing of carrying capacity", in other words, with more wheels on the ground, the load capacity can be increased,
the machine capacity can be increased and it will decrease soil compaction and soil structure damage.

In short time they had made a construction drawing. After few months, the construction of the first agricultural tandems with double wheels were finished.
These unique agricultural tandems could be equipped with low pressure tires, mechanical steering or electric/hydraulic steering.

Meanwhile, are the following tandem models available, DWM 2 tracks  4-wheeled swing tandems, 4 tracks 4 wheeled pendulum chassis, 4 tracks 8-wheeled swing tandems, 4 tracks 8-wheeled doubletwin tandems. We have in development 4 tracks, 12 wheeled, 3 axles ( 6 axle bodies ) and ( 2 units ) of 4 tracks
8 wheeled as Double Eight tandems.

We have also "DWM Specials" in our program, for production of special customized models !

Please see our photo and video gallery of DWM agricultural tandems, built under Schuitemaker, Lely, Krone, Claas, Deutz-Fahr Pottinger self-loading wagons, or built under a DWM DoubleTwin slurry tanks.

If you are interested in a DWM four-wheeled tandem unit or in a eight-wheeled tandem chassis, please don´t hesitate to call us.

Thank you for visiting our website !

Douwe van der Molen

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