DWM Tandem

DWM Tandem

The past decade, farms have greatly expanded in scale. A consequence is that tractors and machinery have grown just as fast. This poses an increasingly large problem: soil decay.

Soil decay can show itself in many forms: rutting, soil compaction, structural decay and sod damage. The consequence is a clearly noticeable decrease in yield! Especially over a longer period of time these problems can impact the success of your business. At the end of the 80’s a customer came to us. He asked if something could be done to minimize the rutting and soil compaction problems he was dealing with.

We did a lot of research in these fields to find out how this issue could me tackled best. Shortly thereafter the first DWM Tandem rolled out the workshop. It was named after the developer: Douwe Willem van der Molen.

DWM Tandem

How it works

Soil decay is usually caused by putting too much pressure on the ground. A lot of agricultural machines come out of the factory with two or four wheels on which the complete weight of the machine is distributed. You can probably imagine that the part of the wheels that actually touches the ground is relatively small. Too small to distribute the weight enough with soil damage as a consequence.

Our solution is purely based on the laws of physics. The amount of pressure your land has to endure is the mass of your tractor and machinery divided by the surface area of the wheels that touches the ground. We developed a chassis that distributes the weight over 8 wheels. The low pressure tires increase the surface area per tire even more. The decrease in pressure per square cm is huge! It ensure that your machine rides on top of the ground instead of through it.

DWM Tandem

Types and options

In the period from 1988 until today, every DWM Tandem sold was created as a new prototype. During the development of these prototypes, improvements were made on each new chassis compared to the previous versions. You can probably imagine the amount of development after 30 years of development!

In 2018 we have finally brought all variations back to 3 main DWM Tandem types that work perfectly for all brands of self-loading trailers: a 18 tons, a 24 tons and a 30 tons version. A choice can be made depending on the size of the trailer and the activities it has to perform. We can advise you when needed.

All DWM Tandems are delivered in our anthracite gray color.

Order information
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